Thursday, May 18, 2006

News round up...

Constitutional Rights
Declining Dollar
  • Ruble Dominated oil exchange could launch in 2007 - expert --RIA Novosti

  • Putin proposes creation of ruble dominated oil, gas exchange --RIA Novosti

    Michael Ruppert comments:
    The war on the dollar has begun. Now we have Norway, Iran, and other countries proposing exchanges to trade oil and gas in Euros. Asia is taking preliminary steps towards the creation of an Asian currency and now Vladimir Putin has made clear his serious intent to sell oil for Rubles. The second story from a Russian official commenting is a clear message that Putin is serious. In the last eight weeks the dollar has lost seven cents against the Euro and the dollar is sliding to a near all-time low against the dollar of $1.30:1. More ominous warnings for a potentially devastating summer.
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