Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday round up...

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  • Iraqi Sunnis accuse US of attacking and killing 25 civilians --Reuters

    "... "American and Iraqi forces on Saturday evening carried out a severe air strike in the area of Latifiya against houses with civilians," the statement said. It said people ran away from their houses to seek protection but that U.S. forces followed them and killed them. ..."

  • Basra's police chief is linked to terrorists --The Daily Telegraph

  • Explosions in Baghdad kill 35 Iraqi, 2 Americans / 2 Britons die in blast near Basra; 5 Shiite shrines also bombed --The Washington Post

  • 6 Civilians, U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq --Associated Press

    In other violence, according to police:

    -Suspected insurgents attacked a police patrol at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday in Kirkuk, 290 kilometers (180 miles) north of Baghdad, killing two policeman.

    -A drive-by shooting killed an Iraqi man in Kut city, 160 kilometers (100 miles) southeast of Baghdad, who had served as a secret agent in Saddam Hussein's government.

    -A roadside bomb exploded at 8:30 a.m. near a police patrol in western Baghdad, wounding one policeman.

    -Gunmen in eastern Baghdad killed police 1st Sgt. Latif Abdullah, who worked in Interior Ministry intelligence.

    -Amir Latif Ali Yahya, the Electoral Commission director in Diyala province, escaped unharmed when a roadside bomb exploded near his car in Buhriz, 60 kilometers (35 miles) north of Baghdad.

    -Gunmen killed Nazar Abdel-Zahra, a manager of a local soccer team, near his home in the southern city of Basra on Monday night. Suspected insurgents also fired rockets at the Shat al-Arab Hotel, headquarters of the British army in Basra, causing no casualties.

A policeman stands guard near a bus after it struck a roadside bomb in Baghdad.
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  • World Net Daily rationalizes a massive deportation program using Nazi logic:

    "Not only will it work, but one can easily estimate how long it would take. If it took the Germans less than four years to rid themselves of 6 million Jews, many of whom spoke German and were fully integrated into German society, it couldn't possibly take more than eight years to deport 12 million illegal aliens, many of whom don't speak English and are not integrated into American society."

    As Digby notes: "Rid themsleves" is an interesting way of putting it, don't you think?


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