Wednesday, November 02, 2005

November 2nd...

I'm currently working on a new 9/11 article.

In the meantime, The Rock River Times asks: "Would you rather drive or eat?"

The Washington Post
picks up on the Christian fundamentalist groups currently trying to reverse the Air Force Academy's new religious guidelines.

The Academy's football coach, Fisher Deberry, continues to openly expose'personality traits' to the media, embarrassing the military school and America in general. From ABC News...

"Air Force coach Fisher DeBerry, expressing frustration Tuesday with the Falcons' slumping performance, attributed the latest loss in part to No. 20 TCU's having more black players who 'can run very, very well.'"

Update: It is now being reported that four officers -- all graduates of the Academy's class of 2004 -- have joined Mikey Weinstein's lawsuit claiming senior officers and cadets at the Air Force Academy illegally imposed Christianity on others at the school, according to The Washington Post.

I have decided to put together an article that covers the true scope of the problems at the Academy. It should be complete by the end of the week.


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